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Ottoman Ancestors Database (16th to 20th Centuries)

Ottoman Ancestors Database (16th to 20th Centuries)

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This digital product is a database containing information about 1,019 notable individuals who lived during the Ottoman Empire and held high-ranking positions. The dataset is provided in an Excel file and includes the following data points for each individual:

Name: The full name of the notable person.
Occupancies: The positions or roles they held during their lifetime.
Death Date: The date of their passing.
Location Name: Information about the location(s) associated with them.
Bio: A brief biography or description of their life and contributions. Bio is translated from Ottoman language using AI, so it can be not accurate 100%, but bears vital details about the people. See the samples below.

This product is valuable for researchers, historians, or anyone interested in exploring the lives and careers of prominent figures from the Ottoman Empire, as it provides a comprehensive dataset with key details about these individuals.


ID Name Death Date Location Bio
12003 Ömer Efendi 1772 Medina Jerusalem Enderun-ı hümâyûn was grown up and became the clerk. After his release, Müderris became the Molla of Jerusalem Mullah, Şevval 1180 (March 1767) in Damascus and Muharrem 1186 (April 1772). He died there.
1182 Abdürrahim Efendi -Dürrîzade - 1771 Bursa Letter to Mustafa Efendi, Şevval 1176 (April/May 1763) and Thessaloniki Mollası, 1184 (1770/71) were Bursa Kadi and Cemaziyelâhir 1185 (September 1771) died. Emir is Medfund in Bukhari. Son Ali Rıza Efendi and one of his grandchildren is Şemseddin Efendi, which is called the letter.
1945 Ahmed Efendi - Tâhâzade - 1771 Edirne Izmir Jerusalem From Haleb's Eşrafı and his virtue was given to Jerusalem Mevleviyet and his son Mehmed Efendi. His son was sent to Edirne when he was sent to residence, while 1180 (1766/67) was sent himself. 1185 (1771) in his share was returned and then passed away.
10733 Mustafa Efendi -Arslanzade- 1771 Medina Müderris, Cemaziyelâhir 1168 (March/April 1755) Galata and then Bilad-ı Hamse Molla and Muharrem 1178 (July 1764) was the Molla of Medina-i Münevvere. 1185 (1771) also died. Vefa is the medfund on the slope. His son is Abdülbâkî Efendi.
670 Abdullah Efendi - Ali Paşazade- 1770 Istanbul Medina He was the son of Hüseyin Bey. Müderris was the Molla of Medina and then Istanbul. 5 Receb 1185 (14 October 1771) also died. He is Medfund in Üsküdar. Abdülhay Mehmed Bey, one of his son, died in 1184 (1770) and was buried.
929 Abdülhalim Efendi 1770 Edirne He is the son -in -law of Himmetzade. He became a sheikh to the Nazmizade lodge. Sultan Bayezid Mosque was the sheikh of Qatar. 1172 (1758/59) also died. Edirnekapı'da Medfund. In this lodge, Sırrî Mehmed Efendi, the preacher of Nuruosmaniye in 1184 (1770), became a sheikh and then died.
6834 İbrahim Paşa 1770 Rhodes He was the son of Osman Pasha of Ağrıbozlu. Umera-yı was from Navy and Rhodes became the mutasarrıf and 1172 (1758/9). Receb 1182 (November 1768) was given the vizier in Zilka (March 1768) with the rank of Mîrimiran. Zilhicce 1183 (April 1770) was the guardian of Ağrıboz and then passed away.
11118 Müsâid -şerif- 1770 Mecca He was the son of Şerif Said. 2 Rebiülâhir 1162 (22 March 1749) was the Emir of Mecca. Muharrem 1172 (September 1758) also resigned. Cemaziyelevvel 1173 (January 1760) was the Emir of Mecca for the second time. 27 Muharram died in 1184 (23 May 1770). He was a detached, forward -looking and sparingly.
6359 Hüseyin Paşa 1769 Konya He is the nephew of gang Abdullah Pasha. He was grew up and Şevval 1180 (March 1767) was the arms and then Mirahur-ı before. 2 In Zilka, 1181 (21 March 1768) was the Vizier in Konya, then the Governor of Anatolia and Safer 1182 (June/July 1768) was the Bender guard with Aydın Sanjak. Muharrem died in 1183 (May 1769). He was a merit and supreme.
11294 Nebbîh Mehmed Efendi 1769 Istanbul Mecca Müderris, 1172 (1758/9) was also mukarrir in the palace. Then Mullah and then Mecca Payi, Muharrem 1177 (July/August 1763) was the Kadi of Istanbul and then Anatolia. Rebiülâhir 1183 (August 1769) died during the turn of the accident. The master of the era was a fâzıl and his knowledge was complied with.
15260 Yüsrî Ahmed Efendi 1768 Istanbul He was born in 1110 (1698/9) in Istanbul. He grew up from the bond pencil and became a small tezkireci and Ramadan 1178 (March 1765). Cemaziyelâhir 1182 (October/November 1768) was in the Ordu-yı Humâyûn in Istanbul, as much as men and women in Istanbul, the deaths of the deaths of 20 families of the death of the death of the death of the death and the death of the death. Yusuf Efendi was buried with him.
10721 Mustafa Efendi -Hacı- 1767 Istanbul He is the nephew of former notebook Sadullah Efendi. Şevval 1161 (October 1748) is the clerk of Kalyonlar and Şevval 1166 (August 1753) in Istanbul Baruthanesi Nâzırı, Safer 1171 (October 1171 (October 1757) in the Haremeyn Mukâtaacı, 1175 in 1175, 1176 (1762/3). It happened before. He died in 1181 (1767/8) after the dismissal.
15194 Yusuf Efendi -Yusufzade- 1767 Istanbul Mecca Müderris, Molla, Mecca has been the share of. Cemaziyelâhir 1178 (December 1764) was also the Kadi of Istanbul and left in the year. 17 Ramadan 1180 (16 February 1767) also passed away. It is Medfund in Eğrikapı. His brothers are Ahmed and Said Efendi from Mevalî.
15399 Ziyaeddin Abdürrahim Efendi -Arab Alizade- 1766 Istanbul Mecca Müderris was Molla. Muharrem 1166 (November 1752) was also the Kadi of Mecca and Rebiülâhir 1169 (January 1756) was dismissed. Then, Istanbul and Anatolia were exported. He died at the beginning of 1180 (1766 in the 1766).
6351 Hüseyin Resim Efendi 1765 Edirne Mecca Kilisli. Müderris, Receb 1167 (May 1754) Haleb, 1174 (1760/61) in Edirne mullah and then Mecca is the share of 21 Safer 1179 (9 August 1765). Üsküdar in the old Valide mosque is Medfund. Fazıl was Sâhib-i Maarif. Sheikh Murad put a pulpit on the mosque. Rismanzade Hüseyin Efendi from the Ulemâdan died in 1185. There is medfund.
13195 Sâlih Paşa 1765 Medina Adana He was the governor of Adana with the Kethüd of the gang Abdullah Pasha and the death of his Pasha. In 1177 (1763/4), he was the governor of Jeddah and the Medina-i Münevvere guard with the vizier. He was talented and diligent.
1896 Ahmed Kâmil Efendi 1764 Konya Jerusalem Ebubekir is the imam of Pasha. Müderris became the mullah of Jerusalem in Muharrem 1176 (July/August 1762). Seyyid Ahmed Zade de Müderris was then deported to Şevval 1177 (April 1764) as he could not get along well with the people of Haleb. Then they died.
12549 Rıdvan Paşa -Hâfız- 1764 Edirne Ankara He was the son of Ali Pasha of Estoliçi. In his father's life, he was migrated to Anatolia in the destruction of his father. 5-6 years later, in 1173 Edirne Mutasarrıf and Cemaziyelevvel 1176 (November/December 1762) was the governor of Ankara and was dismissed in 1178 (1764/5) and then passed away.
4742 Feyzullah Sermed Efendi - 1762 Jerusalem The son of the famous calligrapher Seyyid Mehmed Efendi. Müderris became the moolla of Thessaloniki in 1191 (1777). 22 Muharrem 1202 (3 November 1787) also died. poet and calligrapher. His son Abdülvehhab Efendi's son Süleyman Rafet Efendi, 1169 (1756) Jerusalem Mulla, 1176 (1762/3) was the Molla of Damascus. Then he died.
5086 Halil Efendi - Kaba - 1762 Istanbul Gerede. Müderris became Molla and the Kadi of Angel. 1 Ramadan 1168 (11 June 1755) Istanbul Kadi and then won the Anatolian share. Ma’zulen 28 Cemaziyelevvel died in 1181 (22 October 1762). He is a medfund in the school he built in Zincirlikuyu. He was a scholar and fresh.
14697 Tosun Mehmed Paşa 1762 Konya Kapıcıbaşı and Mîrimiran and 1169 (1756) became the governor of Konya with vizier. Safer 1171 (October/November 1757) also became the governor of İçel, Cemaziyelevvel 1172 (January 1759), then İnebahtı and 1176 (1762/3) for the second time. Then he died.
1179 Abdürrahim Efendi -Kara Halilzade- 1761 Istanbul Edirne Mecca He was the son of Said Efendi. Müderris was the Mullah of Thessaloniki and Edirne. Then he became a share of Mecca. 1170 (1757) was the Kadi of Istanbul and 1171 (1758) was dismissed. 1175 (1761/62) also passed away. Medfund in Eyüp. It was a scholar.
6345 Hüseyin Ağa -Bodur- 1761 Edirne Bosnian. Enderun-ı hümâyında grew up and became the gundar-i Şehriyarî. Then it was exported. Cemaziyelâhir 1172 (February 1759) in the doorman was dismissed and dismissed within 10 days and was deported to Edirne. 1175 (1761/2) after being left, he passed away. He is Medfund in Tunisbağı in Üsküdar.
5078 Halil Efendi 1760 Bursa Hasan Pasha was raised by Divan Efendi. In 1165 (1752) as Bursa Mukâtaacı, 1167 (1754) in 1171 (1757/8) in Bursa, Arpa Emini and Rebiülâhir 1173 (November/December 1759) were also died in Rebiülâhir (November 1760).
9269 Mehmed Efendi -Mevkufâtî- 1760 Mecca He grew up from Enderun-ı Hümâyûn and became the Kethüd of Hazîne-i Hümâyûn. After his release, he became a Mevkatatçı in 1168 (July 1755) and the barley emini in 1172. After the dismissal, he went to pilgrimage and died in Muharrem 1174 (August 1760) in Mecca-i Mükerreme.
9328 Mehmed Efendi -Kadızade- 1760 Diyarbakır Müderris and Zilkade 1183 (March 1770) became the Kadi of Haleb. Then he died. His son Abdurrahman Efendi, Müderris and 1213 (1798/9) was the mullah of Diyarbakır. Even Kadızade Mehmed Efendi is from Mevalî. Şerif Mehmed Efendi was one of the Kadızade and died in 1174 (1760/61). In Kasımpaşa, he is a medfund next to İbrahim Efendi from his Taallukat.
12858 Sadreddin Çelebi 1760 Konya He was the son of Bostan Çelebi. 1117 (1705/6), Halefen, to his father, sat on the post of Hazrat Mevlânâ in Konya. Cemaziyelevvel 1174 (December 1760) also passed away from Ta. Instead, his uncle's son, Ârif Mehmed Çelebi. It was a shareholder.
1886 Ahmed Paşa - Hacı - 1759 Van Ishak is the son of Pasha. 1161 (1748) was the governor of Çıldır with his father's death. 1161 November 1748) in Zilka) was given vizier. 1168 (1755) was the governor of Van. Then, Rebiülâhir (November/December 1759) was dismissed again because of his attempt for Fesada. When he did not obey the order to go to Anatolia and the desertion action, he was executed during that year.
14994 Yahya Efendi 1759 Istanbul Medina She was the son of Şeyhülislâm Mahmud Efendi. Müderris was a Mullah and Muharrem 1159 (February 1746) became the Kadin of Medina and he was the kadi of Istanbul in 1163 and was dismissed on his 10th day. 1173 (1759/60) also passed away. Fatih, Boyacıkapı'da Medfundur.
2546 Ali Efendi - Demirkazık - 1757 Konya He was the son of Konyalı Hacı Hasan. Müderris and Galata mullah and were found in water and regent. Mind 1123 (January 1712) also suddenly died. His son İbrahim Efendi was died in 1170 (1757). It is Medfund in Eğrikapı.
4102 Emin Mehmed Efendi - Ebûbekirzade - 1757 Edirne Mecca He was the son of Tireli Abubekir Efendi. Müderris, Haleb Mollası, Cemaziyelâhir 1166 (April 1753) Egypt Mullah and Muharram 1167 (November 1753) were the Molla of Mecca. 1171 (1757/8) also passed away. Edirnekapı'da Medfund.
5269 Hâmid Efendi - Gülzamanîzade - 1757 Edirne He was the son of Ahmed Efendi. Müderris and Thessaloniki Kadi and 27 Şaban 1194 (28 August 1780) died. Edirnekapı is around the medfund. Their sons, Mehmed Azim Efendi 1212 (1797/8) and Mehmed Molla 1210 (1795/6) also acted. Gülzamanîzade Mehmed Emin Efendi, one of the professors, also acted in 1170 (1757).
15178 Yusuf Paşa 1757 Ankara Babadağlı. He was a master. In 1137, he was the guard of Ankara and then Ardabil and 1140 (1727/8) became the governor of Tabriz with the rank of vizier. Muharrem died in 1141 (August 1728). His son İbrahim Bey, who grew up in Enderun-ı Hümâyûnd, died as the deputy of Mirâhûr-ı Sânî in 1171 (November/December 1757).
655 Abdullah Ağa -Hacı- 1756 Mecca Mehterbaşı and Cebecibaşı and respectively, he went to Mecca-i Mükerrema in 1157
3100 Âsım Mehmed Efendi 1756 Edirne Geyveli. He was the son of Muhyiddin Efendi from Meşâyih-i Nakşibendiye. He died in 1077 (10 September 1666). He is a poet who owns the Divan. “Geyvelizade Mehmed Efendi”. He died in 1156 (1743). His brother Sheikh Lutfullah Efendi, 1169 (1756) also acted. They are medfunda in Edirnekapı.
7216 İskender Bey 1756 Istanbul He was the son of Bekir Pasha from Alaiyiyeli. When he returned to Istanbul from his father Jeddah, he became the governor of Jeddah. After a few months, he was dismissed and then he became a janitor. 1169 (1756) has been a servant of the prime minister. Then he transferred the company and some mansıp and died during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid I.
3928 Ebûbekir Efendi - Hekimzade - 1754 Istanbul Edirne Mecca He is the son of Hekimbaşı Nuh Efendi. Müderris was 1132 (1700) in Thessaloniki and then Edirne. 25 Receb 1144 (23 January 1732) passed away and was buried next to his father in Kocamustafapaşa. His son, one of the professors Hüdâd Mehmed Efendi, died in 1167 (1754).
3935 Ebûbekir Paşa 1754 Edirne Amasya Ali Pasha from Kayseri was the grandson of Kethüda and groom to İvaz Mehmed Pasha. In this way, the prime minister was a servant and left Rebiülevvel 1153 (June 1740). Then, Cyprus Muhassılı and a December Edirne Bostancı and then became Mîrimiran, and the Devr-i Elviye and 1165 (1762) Amasya, 1167 (1754) were also mutasarrıfı and died on those sides.
10659 Mustafa Efendi -Hacı, İmamzade- 1754 Istanbul Medina Diyarbakır Çorulu. Müderris, 1157 (1744) Diyarbakir and then became the Egyptian kadi. Muharrem 1169 (October/November 1754) was the Molla of Medina and then Istanbul. He died in 1169. It is Medfund in Eğrikapı. He was a knowledge and dignity.
1704 Ahmed Efendi-Salbaşzade- 1751 Medina Kastamonu. Müderris became the Molla of Üsküdar and then the Medina-i Münevvere. 15 Şaban 1106 (31 Marat 1695) also passed away. Medfund in the lodge. His son Feyzullah Efendi was born in Edine and became a professor. Zilhicce died in 1124 (January 1713). His son Musa Efendi was born in Yenişehir. 1164 (1751) also passed away. He is Medfund in Üsküdar.
11467 Nu’man Ağa- Darbûnezade- 1751 Erzurum He was the son of Ebubekir Pasha. He grew up from the janissary and was the janissary agha in 1162 (April/May 1749) in Cemaziyelevvel and was also a janissary agha in Safer 1163 (January 1750). He died there.
11983 Ömer Paşa -Harputîzade- 1751 Kahramanmaraş He was the son of Abu Bakr Pasha. He grew up from the janissary and became a mîrimiran in the Iranian war. Then, 1138 (1725/6) was also a mutasarrıf and then in 1159 (1746) Maraş and then Şehrizor and Cemaziyelâhir 1164 (May 1751) became the mutasarrıf of Kars. Then he died.
5615 Hasan Ağa - Hacı - 1750 Manisa He is a janissary. Kul Kethüdası and 25 Rebiülevvel 1161 (25 March 1748) became the Janissary Agha. 25 Safer 1163 (3 February 1750) was dismissed and deported to Manisa. The other Hasan Ağa, who was replaced by Kul Kethüd, was dismissed and deported on the same day. They died in exile.
6333 Hüseyin Efendi -Yahyazade- 1750 Istanbul Edirne Mecca He was the son of Ahmed Efendi. Müderris, Plovdiv, Haleb, 1148 (1735/6) Damascus, and then Mecca-i Mükerreme was the mullah. Şaban 1158 (September 1745) was also a Kadı of Istanbul and was dismissed in the year. He passed away in 1163 (1750). Edirnekapı'da Medfund.
9230 Mehmed Efendi -Kefeli- 1749 Medina He was the son of Hamid Efendi. Müderris, Molla, Damascus Mullah. 1162 (1749) was the mullah of Medina-i Münevvere and died in 1168. He was and permanent. Mîr Ebü’l-Feth and Hüseynîye and Ömer Halebi and Adâb-ı Birgivî and Şerh-i Usâm’a wrote hâşiye.
4347 Erib Mustafa Efendi 1748 Medina He was the son of Arabzade Ali Efendi. Müderris, Galata Mollası, 1155 (1742) Damascus mullah and 1161 (1748) was the Medina-i Münevvere mullah. Rebiülevvel 1161 (March 1748) died there. Scholar, poet, people enjoyed. His son Sâmih Efendi became the chief clerk of Haremeyn. His other son is Mehmed Sânih Efendi.
13628 Subhi Ahmed Efendi 1748 Istanbul He is from Istanbul. He died in 1101 (1690) when he was the Ruznamçeci. is a poet. His son Feyzullah Feyzi Efendi, 1152 (1739) also passed away. This has become the city of Ruznam. The sons of their sons Ahmed Efendi died in 1168 (1754) and Mehmed Said Efendi 1161 (1748) and buried on Eyüp. Ricalden Abdullah Efendi and Abdulaziz Efendi are also subhizade.
644 Abdullah Efendi 1747 Istanbul Medina He was the son of former Şeyhülislâm Mahmud Efendi. Müderris, 1136 (1723/24) Haleb, Medina-i Münevvere Mollası, 1152 (1739) was the Kadi of Istanbul and was dismissed the following year. 23 Şevval 1158 (18 November 1735) was Anadolu Kazaskeri and was dismissed in the year and he died in 1160 (1747) and was buried in Boyacıkapı in Fatih.
645 Abdullah Efendi -Seyyid, Hocazade- 1747 Istanbul Edirne Mecca He was the son of Osman Efendi from Sudûr. Müderris, Thessaloniki, Zilhicce 1136 (September 1724) Edirne Mollası, 1134 (1730/31) in Mecca Paysi and 1145 (1732/33) was the Istanbul share. 1157 (1744) was anadian Kazaskeri and was dismissed in the year and Zilhicce 1160 (December 1747) also passed away. Edirnekapı'da Medfund.
638 Abdullah Ağa 1745 Mecca Mehterbaşı and 1143 (1730/31) became Cebecibaşı and Cemaziyelâhir 1143 (December 1730/January 1730) became a civil servant for the repair of Mecca. Cemaziyelevvel 1153 (August 1740) is a servant of the prime minister and 1158 (1745) was again Cebecibaşı, but he died of that year.
6329 Hüseyin Paşa 1744 Erzurum Diyarbakır He grew up from the Bostancı quarry and became Bostancıbaşı. 1147 (1734/5) was given the Santese and Saruhan banners. Then he became the governor of Haleb and then the governor of Mosul. 1157 (1744) Diyarbakır ceraskeri Nasbedilip and his movement from Erzurum 1157 (December 1744) also acted in Zilka. He was the power of power.
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