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Growing Artist Contacts Database (Monthly Subscription)

Growing Artist Contacts Database (Monthly Subscription)

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Elevate your presence in the music industry with our exclusive Artist & Song Database Subscription. Tailored for music promoters, record label executives, and dedicated enthusiasts, this subscription is your golden ticket to unparalleled opportunities.

In this subscription, you'll get access to contact info of more than 1000 of artists and their songs data. The database is updated every week with fresh artists and songs.


📩 Comprehensive Artist Contacts: Gain direct access to the email and Instagram contact information of a diverse range of artists. Cultivate valuable connections effortlessly.

🎵 Fresh Song Releases: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time updates on songs released within the past 7 days. Stay in tune with the industry's heartbeat.

📊 In-Depth Song Insights: Dive deep into song details, including titles, Spotify monthly listener counts, and links to Spotify and Apple Music. Genre information is also provided.

📅 Release Dates & ISRC Codes: Keep your music catalog organized with crucial release date and ISRC code information for each track.

📸 Instagram Profiles: Discover artists' Instagram profiles, complete with URLs, to engage and connect directly with them.

📧 Direct Email Access: Open doors to collaboration and networking by contacting artists via email.


🚀 Connect with Emerging Artists: Spot rising talents before they hit the mainstream. Connect with potential stars early in their journey.

📈 Supercharge Your Marketing: Beyond Instagram usernames, access user IDs for efficient bulk DM marketing campaigns using specialized tools.

🌟 Stay Trend-Savvy: Stay informed about the latest music industry trends by accessing newly released songs and their creators.

In a world where connections and timing shape success, our Artist & Song Database Subscription empowers you with the edge you need. Connect with the industry's brightest emerging stars and their music effortlessly.

Unlock a realm of musical possibilities today. Subscribe now to be a part of the future of music networking!

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