Top 15 Music Influencers in the USA Who Are Specializing in Making Covers

One of the best ways to get more plays for your song is collaborating with music influencers... There are hundred thousands of music influencers who are getting traction for their posts every day. In this episode, we focus on top 20 music influencers who are making covers of your songs in a creative ways and getting millions of likes.
1- First one is haileyhutchesonofficial. Not kidding, her one single cover is played 15.296.074 times and shared 28.283 times! Here is the post:
@haileyhutchesonofficial ♬ original sound - haileyhutchesonofficial
2- iamangelicahale's one single music cover gained 19.417.345 play counts and has been shared 9.005 times.
@iamangelicahale guys pls dont do this 😭😭
3- yuatsmusic's cover is played over 16M times and shared 23.880 times.
@yuatsmusic Best friend - @rex orange county

4- emmassingingvideos’ cover has been played 6.683.996 times, shared 11.499 times and downloaded 825 times.

@emmassingingvideos this song is so hard for what

5- Another music influencer is allysalort who is very active on Tiktok posting 4-5 covers everyday. Her one cover has been played over 3M times and shared 3.855 times.

@allysalort Throwbackkkk

6- beatricelovelia’s cover with guitar performance has been played 3.519.814 times and shared 11.624 times.

@beatricelovelia my fav

7- Another music influencer syamalimusic’s cover is played 14.393.930 times and shared 27.641 times.

@syamalimusic elastic heart

8- LA-based music influencer michaeldimuccio_ has over 300K of followers on Tiktok. But his one single has been played 5.418.168 times as of today and shared 4.254 times.

@michaeldimuccio_ Replying to @Landon I think this may be my favourite Hozier song...

9- Florida-based music influencer landofvalenmusic’s recent music cover has been played 4.622.926 times and shared 20.715 times. She achieved that success with 38.5K of her followers on Tiktok.

@landofvalenmusic Replying to @Christine Robitaille i stand strong in my alto origins #alto #singer #guitarist #cover #feelingood #karaoke #landofvalen ♬ original sound - LAND OF VALEN

10- With his 67K of followers, treshawnn_’s recent music cover has gained 2.698.111 play counts and been shared 4.273 times.

11- Texas-based brielleetta’s recent music cover post has been played 15.557.110 times and shared 8.447 times.

12- Louisiana-based artist chaislynmusic’s one recent cover has been played 11.351 times and shared 13 times.

13- Singer and actor sydneycheyenne_’s cover has been played 933.114 times and shared 3.748 times.

14- Mississippi-based mstatianaclark’s one single cover has been played 310.656 times and shared 2.665 times.

15- Tiktok influencer officiallizsanchez’s music cover has been played 7.217.257 times and shared 4.106 times.

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